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May 29 2016

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Inferno Lighter is Superior to Butane

Using a badly designed lighter can affect the taste of a good cigarette or cigar. Butane has an unpleasant flavor which can linger in your mouth after lighting up with a butane lighter. Matches can also do the same by leaving a foul sulfur taste and smell which can even be detected by other people around you. Happily, there is a lighter that will let you avoid this problem, the Inferno lighter. Besides being a clean way of lighting up, it is also a cool fashion accessory. 

The Inferno lighter was created by engineers, and it has features only an engineer could design. The exterior is made with a zinc alloy, and it is strong and durable. The lighter is also extremely light compared to stainless steel. It will not feel like a burden in your pocket. The zinc finish also looks great , and it looks even better when you flip open the top and reveal the light beam-emitting feature.

This lighter also has a very long lasting battery, which is a great convenience. It charges up fast and then last a long time before needing recharging. The charger uses a USB port and can be recharged simply by plugging it into any computer, including a desktop, laptop, or car USB charging port. This kind of battery is also more environmentally friendly, because it does not contain the same toxic elements as other batteries. 

However, one of the most impressive features of this lighter is the high-tech, dual-beam feature. It almost looks like something from a Sci-fi movie! This lighter has two light beams that make a cross and look like the letter X. It is windless and will stay lit even in a heavy storm with wind. This is something you will not find in any butane lighter.

All of these features mean the Inferno Lighter is an exceptional lighter in its price range. Think about how much money you have spent buying cheep, throw-away lighters that do not work very well. Purchasing lighters is a hidden cost of smoking. This lighter lets you enjoy a good tasting cigar or cigarette and save money at the same time. 
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